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RP Rewards

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RP Rewards

Post  Spirits of the Island on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:52 pm

RP Rewards

Board Rewards

Board Rewards are just that, rewards the entire board can buy using their RP Reward Points from posting in character.

There are three levels:
I - Personal
II - Locational
III - Board-wide

Each reward will have a level (or levels) beside it to indicate what level of reward you can purchase.

Makamaka's Touch - This reward purchases you a random reward as stated above, to be concocted by the admin staff. It might end up a boon, or a total disaster. In any case, this is going to spice things up for sure! If you like random gambling...go on, buy this one! (Level I and II cannot be bought for another character without player consent)

I -
II -

Luxury - If the islands don't have it, this might buy it. Also scaling in level, this can almost anything your little heart desires!

I -
II -

Bueller...Bueller... - Play hookie for a day, scaling to the level purchased.

I -
II -

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